About Me and my story in ROBLOX

I’m oskar,and i come from Denmark and England. In ROBLOX i am called petersoeren or on amazon fire tablet bloxbuilder165. In ROBLOX i once played a game called Hexxaria mmorpg and 3 people who didn’t evenĀ  know each other said: “you are hax”, “you steal our EXP”,so i said no. They didn’t believe me.I called my parents and said that i was bullied. I stupidly left the game without even reporting those horrible players.Anyway,i like yugioh and ROBLOX and minecraft.I don’t like pokemon but do like pokemon games.I made my own trading card game called tricky trappers hence all the tricky trappers stuff.My friend, Dragos has one too,called duel kingdom.uuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmm….I also like DanTDM and his FNAF World and Who’s Your Daddy videos.