Good Guy Comp Winners!!

sorry for posting this late. been busy.

here is the leader board:


1st place – El Pato Loco (James Boyd) – the most ducky main character of all time

Captain Scrubber (Fox Lyang) – the most awesome sidekick of all time

MilkMan (Saad Azim) –¬†the most milky sidekick of all time


2nd place – The Beekeeper (James Boyd)


3rd place РOctokitty (Saad Azim) and Paperman (James Boyd)

everyone’s entries:

El Pato Loco (James Boyd)Captain Scrubber (Fox)Milkman (Saad)

The Beekeeper (James Boyd)Paperman (James Boyd)Octokitty (Saad)

also i have drawn the winners (everyone in 1st place) because they will be in my comic!

my versions:





DA WINNA IS… GEORGINA HEWITSON! [ The person who drew Spiritua ].

IN 2nd IS….. Cat And Cat A.K.A Mike Mcdonald!

IN 3rd ARE…Glenn Marshall, Tut And Groan A.K.A Tom Nash and DustPiggies A.K.A Mike Bromage!

IN 4th ARE… My DAD [ Peter Rasmussen ] AND my MOM [ Alison Rasmussen ] !

FINALLY, IN 5th, ARE…. My GRANNY [ Anny Rasmussen ] AND MY GRANDAD [ Soeren Rasmussen ] !

Thx for the FABULOUS entries, there will be another comp soon!