Advent Calendar Day 8 ( DINO REKKERS preview! )


panel 1: bang! bang!

panel 2: ______________________

panel 3: clang! clink! BANG!!!

panel 4: RockBash:  It’s you. Speedix.

panel 5: Speedbreaker/Speedix: Call me Speedbreaker.

panel 6: SB: I came here for a reason…

panel 7: SB: Well… maybe more…..

panel 8: RB: Still bitter about that scar, eh?

panel 9: SB: Grrrr..

panel 10: SB: I CHALLENGE YOU!!

panel 11: RB: Very well. DINO X-MODE!!!

panel 12: SB: DINO X-MODE!

panel 13: BOTH: LET’S MORPH!!!!

panel 14/15: __________/____________



Tricky Trappers colouring sheets:Yen Yan with bonus edition ¦KONTEX¦